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Cosmetic Consumer In Use Test (Home Test)

According to the regulations of cosmetic efficacy claims, cosmetics that claim anti-wrinkle, tightening, soothing, oil control, exfoliate, anti-hair broken, anti-dandruff, moisturizing, hair care and other efficacy can select consumer use tests for efficacy claim evaluation.


As a professional cosmetic efficacy evaluation laboratory and consumer use research center, EnterCo's Innoderm can not only provide rigorous human efficacy evaluation test services, but also provide scientific consumer use test services. Innoderm has a large volunteer team for consumer trial study, and has established a volunteer management database with strict screening for each volunteer. We can quickly screen and recruit volunteers according to customer needs and product efficacy claims so as to formulate and implement cosmetic consumer testing schemes, and issue test reports. Feel free to hit me up by booking a meeting.

Consumer Use Test

Innoderm Cosmetic Consumer Testing Services


Cosmetic Consumer Testing Process


1. Request collection

2. Product analysis & Proposal discussion

3. Project kickoff & Testing protocol confirmation

4. Project implementation & Volunteer Recruitment

5. First-time survey of project implementation and Data Collection

6. Follow-up visits of project implementation

7. Project Feedback

8. Test reports issue

Volunteer Management


Innoderm has a user-test team of more than 5,000 volunteers with a self-developed volunteer management system, which clarifies the volunteer management system and process, so as to improve management efficiency. The specific volunteer management content is as follows:

  • Self-developed volunteer management system (Innoderm Volma) 

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Skin data management (self-evaluation, dermatologist evaluation)

  • Pre-sign up process

  • Selection management

  • Daily use follow-up

  • Visits management

  • Project completion management


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