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Innoderm Laboratory Successfully Passed the CMA Qualification

Recently, the Innoderm efficacy evaluation laboratory has successfully passed the CMA certification, which marks that Innoderm has the third-party testing qualification and capability, and has become an inspection and testing organization with a market access license for cosmetic efficacy testing.

Innoderm has advanced testing equipment, professional technical teams, and a sound experimental management system to provide corresponding technical guarantees and data support for various cosmetic efficacy claims.

About Innoderm

Innoderm, a subsidiary of EnterCo, is a professional cosmetic efficacy evaluation laboratory and consumer use test institution with an excellent technical team with over 15 years of industry experience, composed of experienced efficacy evaluation experts from top domestic cosmetics enterprises, national experts for cosmetic review, and qualified doctors. We are committed to providing authoritative technical solutions for cosmetic efficacy testing.

Innoderm is located in Hangzhou with abundant resources and competitive costs, covering experts and hospital resources in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shanghai. We can provide diversified services with multi-dimensional evaluation methods, involving in vivo, in-use tests, sensory assessment, literature research, etc., and 5000+ panelists in our database. Multi-language (English, French, Korean, Japanese) consulting services are available with the capability of issuing multi-language efficacy evaluation reports.

Test Items

​Product Categories

Test Items

​Skincare products

​Moisturizing; Anti-wrinkle; Firming; Repair; Soothing; Anti-acne; Oil control; Exfoliator; Nourishment; etc.

Hair products

​Hair care; Hair color; Anti-hair broken; Anti-dandruff; etc.

​Make-up products

​Persistence test; Water/swear resistant; Complexion and pore modification; etc.

​Special claims

​Suitable for sensitive skin/all skin types; Tear-free formula; etc.

​Special cosmetic

UV protection (SPF/PFA/water resistant); Whitening and anti-spot; Anti-hair loss; etc.

Panelists in our database

As a professional cosmetic third-party testing organization, Innoderm has developed its own volunteer process management system (Innoderm Volma) and industry-leading subject compliance management order to meet the diverse testing needs of customers.


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