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Cosmetic Efficacy and Claims


EnterCo has a professional cosmetic testing lab that can conduct efficacy testing of cosmetic products including clinical efficacy study (in-vivo) and cosmetic consumer testing. Our experienced efficacy evaluation experts are from top domestic enterprises and the national expert panel team. Multi-language (English, French, Korean, Japanese) consulting services are available with the capability of issuing multi-language efficacy evaluation reports that conform to new cosmetic regulations in China. Feel free to hit me up by BOOKING A MEETING.

Cosmeic Clinical Efficacy Study

Provide cosmetic efficacy evaluation tests in vivo for many efficacy claims including anti-spot and whitening, sunscreen, anti-hair loss, anti-acne, nourishment, repair, etc.

Cosmetic Consumer Use Test

Provide efficient, time-saving, and cost-effective consumer in use test for many efficacy claims including anti-wrinkle, firming, soothing, oil control, exfoliator, anti-hair broken, anti-dandruff, etc. 

Cosmetic Claims Review

Provide compliance review of cosmetic efficacy claims, identify reports and data in need, and review prohibited words.


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