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EntercoMatrix Cosmetic Compliance Software

With the full cooperation of EnterCo's Internet technology team and cosmetic compliance team, we have developed an intelligent cosmetic compliance software named EntercoMatrix that improves the efficiency and accuracy of cosmetic registration and notification by standardizing the program process and digitizing the program information. Feel free to hit me up by booking a meeting.

Why We Need EntercoMatrix


There are three main reasons for developing our own intelligent cosmetic compliance software (EntercoMatrix):

1. Industry background

The project of cosmetic registration and notification needs professional cosmetic compliance personnel since its process is complex. The project is time-consuming with a certain failure rate, so the compliance technical team should be rigorous. The personnel should master relevant compliance knowledge, and be familiar with relevant laws and regulations, so as to deal with tedious product information and documents accurately and efficiently. In addition, the stability and interactive experience of the registration and notification system under NMPA are far from perfect, and the industry also lacks mature and stable cosmetic compliance software.

2. Company development

Professional cosmetic compliance personnel need to go through a long-time training, which is relatively difficult. Operational processes require multi-departmental collaboration involving compliance, research, marketing, and other departments, which affects work efficiency. Therefore, EnterCo needs to adapt to industry trends and undertake digital transformation.

3. Industry pressure

Due to the implementation of various new regulations, the regulatory pressure, scope, and penalties for cosmetic registration and notification have continued to increase. There are uncertainties in the audit scale and standards in different places. For customers themselves, regulatory documents and product information are difficult to manage.

The Main Functions of EntercoMatrix


1. Project management of cosmetic registration and notification

2. Information management of cosmetic registration and notification

3. Intelligent compliance tools:

  • Assisted formula review

  • Full ingredient consistency review (formula and packaging)

  • Safety assessment tools

  • Ingredient search (INCI search)

  • Automatic upload of dossier information

4. Cosmetic databases: IECIC, CIR, China Cosing (cosmetic ingredient database)

Service Concept of EntercoMatrix Team

EnterCoMatrix User Service

System optimization

Our team continuously collect user feedback and optimize the system to make it easy to use through short-term or long-term research.

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