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15 Toothpaste Testing Methods are Incorporated into the Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics

15 Toothpaste Testing Methods

On March 21, 2024, China’s NMPA released 15 toothpaste testing methods, which were incorporated into the Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics. From December 1, 2024, these testing methods apply to toothpaste notification and sampling inspections.

These testing methods are as follows:

1. Determination of pH in Toothpaste

2. Determination of Mercury in Toothpaste

3. Determination of Lead in Toothpaste

4. Determination of Arsenic in Toothpaste

5. Determination of Cadmium in Toothpaste

6. Determination of Li and 36 Kinds of Elements in the Toothpaste

7. Determination of Dioxane in Toothpaste

8. Determination of Methanol in Toothpaste

9. Determination of Free Formaldehyde in Toothpaste

10. General Guidelines on Determination of Microbiology in Toothpaste

11. Aerobic Plate Count

12. Thermotolerant Coliform Bacteria Test

13. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Test

14. Staphylococcus Aureus Test

15. Molds and Yeasts Count

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