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200,000 Mixed Ingredient Submission Codes Will be No Longer in Force

On September 4, China's NIFDC (National Institutes for Food and Drug Control) issued the Technical Guidelines for Filling in the Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Information and other two guidelines. Within the same day, the upgrade of the Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Information Registration Platform was completed, officially not supporting the filling in and submission of mixed ingredients.

Updates of NMPA System

On September 6, the update of the Information Service Platform for Registration and Filing of Cosmetics was completed. The updated system no longer supports the original mixed ingredient submission codes, and nearly 200,000 mixed ingredient submission codes were no longer in force.

After testing, if the formula table contains the submission code of mixed ingredients (i.e. the submission code starts with "1"), the system will automatically report an error when the formula is imported or filled in, prompting "submission code format error (报送码格式错误)", and it is not possible to carry out the "next (下一步)" operation.

If you delete the mixed ingredient submission code in the formula table, it can be imported and filled in normally. In other words, the original mixed ingredient submission code can no longer be used.

Mixed Ingredient Reporting Solutions

To solve the problem of the wrong format of the mixed ingredient submission code, you can delete the code in the formula table, and solve the problem by filling in the ingredient safety information by yourself, the specific operation is as follows:

1) Delete the mixed ingredient submission code and then re-import or fill in the product formula;

2) Return to the "Ingredient Safety Information Management (原料安全信息管理)" page to add the deleted code of the mixed ingredient and upload the corresponding safety information file (has been stamped with the official seal of the filer);

3) In the "self-reporting ingredient safety information (自行填报原料安全信息)" in the product formula interface, select the safety information of the mixed ingredient that has been maintained.

Filling in and Submission of Ingredient Safety Information

According to the Technical Guidelines for Filling in the Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Information, complete ingredient security information should include the following contents:

  • Ingredient Basic Information: ingredient composition, recommended amount in cosmetics, use restrictions, ingredient traits, review of Physical and Chemical properties;

  • Brief Description of the Production Process: physical crushing, physical pressing, solvent extraction, chemical synthesis, biological fermentation, etc.

  • Quality Control Requirements: quality control content, ingredient identification methods, control indicators, and testing methods;

  • Evaluation Conclusions of International Authorities: SCCS, CIR, IFRA, WHO, FAO, etc.

  • Brief Description of Requirements for Use in Other Industries;

  • Risk Substance limit requirements: heavy metal risk, pesticide residue risk, Biological risk, other risk substances;

  • Other Issues Requiring Clarification.

In addition, according to the NMPA Announcement on Matters Related to Further Optimize the Measures of Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Information (No.34, 2023), cosmetic registrants or filers shall fill in and submit safety-related information of all the ingredients in the product formula as of January 1, 2024.

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