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Beijing MPA Notice on Issues Related to the Renewal of Registration Certificates of Special Cosmetic

Beijing Cosmetic Products Regulations

On June 16th, Beijing MPA (Medical Products Administration) published a notice on issues related to the renewal of registration certificates of special cosmetics during the period of epidemic prevention and control (no.4, 2022), the notice details are as follows:

If the registration renewal application for special cosmetics fails to submit application materials within a specified timeline due to the impact of the epidemic, the cosmetic registrant shall submit the Statement of Force Majeure on Renewal Application of the Registrant or Domestic Responsible Person to Beijing MPA and provide the relevant supporting documents within 10 working days after the impact of the epidemic is eliminated. Beijing MPA will verify and issue a written opinion within 10 working days from the date of receiving the Statement. The registrant or domestic responsible person shall submit a registration renewal application to the Center for Administrative Services of NMPA within 5 working days from the date of receiving the written opinion.

If the registration certificate of special cosmetics expires due to the above circumstances, the products shall not be produced or imported before the renewal of the registration certificate is completed.


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