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Cosmetic Notification FAQs Released on December 13th

Guangzhou Cosmetic Notification FAQs

Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Market Regulation issued some faqs related to pre-filing numbers, children's cosmetic labels, microcrystalline or microneedle products, seaweed masks, etc. on December 13th.

Is there any time limit on the use of the pre-filing number?

According to the general cosmetic filing management system prompts, the pre-filing number that has been received or temporarily stored between January 1st and December 31st each year should be submitted for filing before December 31st of the year, otherwise, it will be invalid.

Can children's cosmetic labels be marked with food-related patterns?

According to Article 13 of the Provisions for the Supervision and Administration of Children's Cosmetics, cosmetic registrants, filers, and entrusted production enterprises shall take measures to avoid confusion between the appearance, odor, and appearance of children's cosmetics with food, drugs, and other products, and to prevent accidental ingestion and misuse. Children's cosmetics labels shall not be marked with words such as "食品级 (food grade)", "可食用 (edible)" or food-related patterns.

Are microcrystalline or microneedle products cosmetics?

Microcrystalline or microneedle products, such as those using hydrolyzed sponges and other tiny needle-like raw materials or the corresponding production technology, whose use of the method is to achieve effects by piercing into the skin or through penetration, rather than the application of the skin surface, are beyond the scope of the definition of cosmetics.

What should be paid special attention to the quality control of seaweed masks?

The production process and storage conditions of seaweed masks should strictly control microbiological indicators. In addition, Hyoscyamus niger L. is a prohibited plant (animal) raw material for cosmetics, and it is strictly prohibited to confuse Hyoscyamus niger L. with seaweed for cosmetic production or registration and filing.

How to describe the applicable skin type in the instructions for use?

It is not recommended to use vague expressions such as "applicable to multiple skin types", or "applicable to all skin types" in the instructions. It is necessary to clarify the specific skin type applicable, such as appliable to dry skin complexion, oily skin complexion, or mixed skin complexion. If it is applicable to sensitive skin, corresponding efficacy claims and evaluations need to be conducted, and a summary of the efficacy evaluation basis should be uploaded.

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