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Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation Issued FAQs on General Cosmetic Filing on August 28

Cosmetic Filing Faqs

1. For Guangzhou filers and persons in charge of the safety and quality of production enterprises, how to apply to join the QQ notification group?

Please refer to the original website for details:

2. What are the requirements for the "Explanation Document for Re-filing after Cancellation" to be submitted for the re-filing of general cosmetics after cancellation?

According to Article 59 of the Provisions for the Registration or Filing Dossier of Cosmetics, general cosmetics under application for re-filing after cancellation, should submit a situation explanation. For cancellation for non-safety reasons, a copy of the original filing materials can be used for re-filing.

The situation explanation should cover the following contents, such as specific reasons for cancellation, cancellation time, and the difference between the re-filing products and the cancelled products, etc.

3. Whether cosmetics can be sold in a blind box?

Food and cosmetics, which do not have the conditions to ensure quality and safety and consumer rights and interests, should not be sold in the form of blind boxes.

4. What is the difference between "Aerosol" and "Spray" in the product dosage form?

According to the Classification Rules and Classification Catalogue of Cosmetics, aerosols are propellant-containing products in which the contents are released in a predetermined form by the pressure of a propellant. Sprays are propellant-free products in which the contents are ejected by the pressure of a hand pump or other means.

5. What is a binary packaging aerosol? Does it need to check the "use of propellants in direct contact with contents"?

Binary packaging aerosols are packaged products in which the content and propellant are separated into two containers. It is unnecessary to check the "use of propellants in direct contact with contents". However, it is recommended to make a note in the "Remarks" section of the "Classification Code" on the system.

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