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Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation Issued FAQs on General Cosmetic Filing on January 12

Cosmetic Filing in China

1. Requirements for the annual report of general cosmetics

2024 annual report work began on January 1 and will end on March 31, 2024. For products that complete cosmetic notification before December 31, 2022, their annual reports shall be submitted before March 31, 2024. For filed products that will no longer be produced, the filers shall proactively cancel the filing through the filing platform before March 31, 2024.

2. Which situation requires uploading the "Explanation Document for Re-filing after Cancellation"?

When a certain product name has been submitted for filing and actively cancelled, any filer who uses the product name for re-filing must upload the "Explanation Document for Re-filing after Cancellation".

3. Can the corresponding product name continue to be used for product filing after the pre-filing number has been cleared?

After the pre-filing number has been cleared, the corresponding product name can continue to be used for product filing if it has not been used.

4. How to fill in multiple filing inspection reports for a product (from one manufacturing enterprise)?

You should click "+" in the "Filing Application Form" to add the "Inspection Report Number", and then fill it out one by one.

Cosmetic Inspection Report

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