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Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation Issued FAQs on General Cosmetic Filing on January 18

General Cosmetic Filing

1. Essential oil products

According to the GB/T 26516-2011 Massage Essential Oil and QB/T 4079-2010 Massage Base Oil and Massage Oil, massage essential oil products are cosmetics that cannot be directly used on human skin. They need to be diluted with massage base oil and applied to the skin through application or massage methods; Massage oil is a massage product formulated from massage essential oils and massage base oils, which can be directly applied to the skin. When filing, relevant products should be named accurately and standardized according to the characteristics and usage of specific essential oil products.

2. Which essential oil products do not belong to cosmetics?

According to the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations (CSAR), cosmetics are defined as daily chemical industrial products applied to skin, hair, nails, lips, and other human surfaces by scrubbing, spraying, or other similar methods for the purpose of cleansing, protecting, beautifying, and modifying. When the method of use, purpose of use, and site of action of essential oil products meet the definition of cosmetics, they belong to cosmetics.

Essential oil products used for aromatherapy, air purification, sleep aid, or claiming medical effects are not defined as cosmetics.

3. For massage essential oil cosmetics, how do you apply for filing?

According to Article 35 of the Provisions for the Registration or Filing Dossier of Cosmetics, cosmetics that contain two or more independent formulas that must be used together or whose packaging containers cannot be separated shall fill in the formulas separately and apply for registration or filing as one product.

4. What should be noted when naming and claiming essential oil cosmetics?

Cosmetics should not explicitly or implicitly have medical effects and should avoid confusion with products such as food and drugs in terms of product characteristics and appearance. The names of essential oil cosmetics should avoid using the names of medical celebrities or medical terms; The usage area should comply with the definition of cosmetics and should not be described in words or patterns as special parts such as joints and acupoints; Medical effects cannot be claimed or implied in terms of efficacy.

5. How to conduct safety assessments on essential oil products?

Products mixed with two or more doses should be evaluated for each component after mixing according to the instructions. When each part of the usage method can also be used separately, separate evaluations should be conducted.

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