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Guangzhou AMR Issued Some FAQs Related to Cosmetics Using New Ingredients

Cosmetic Filing FAQs

On July 24, Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation issued some faqs on general cosmetic notification, covering the following topics: new ingredients authorization status, technical requirements, inspection report, children's cosmetics, etc.

1. For cosmetics using new ingredients, what is the reason that “New Ingredients Authorization Status (新原料授权状态)” displays “No Authorization Required (不用授权) ”?

During the safety monitoring period, for cosmetics using new ingredients, cosmetics under application for registration or filing should be confirmed by the new ingredient registrant or filer through the Information Service Platform for Registration and Filing of Cosmetics. If the new ingredient displays “No Authorization Required”, the possible reason is that in the “Whether it is a new ingredient” column of the uploaded formula table, the corresponding cell of the new ingredient is not filled with “1”.

2. What technical requirements should be paid attention to when using new ingredients to produce cosmetics?

The use of new ingredients should meet the Technical Requirements for New Cosmetics Ingredients in the relevant cosmetic registration and filing regulations, such as the safe use amount (maximum allowable concentration used in cosmetics), the purpose of use, the scope of application and use, restrictions and requirements, warning words, etc.

It should be noted that if a new ingredient during the safety monitoring period, is ordered to be temporarily suspended from use, the cosmetic registrant and filer shall simultaneously suspend the production and operation of the cosmetics using the new ingredient. Therefore, for cosmetics using new ingredients, a safety assessment should be conducted to ensure the safety of cosmetics.

3. For cosmetics using new ingredients, what should be paid attention to in the inspection report?

According to Article 32 (2) of the Rules for Registration and Notification Dossiers of Cosmetics,

cosmetics using new ingredients in the safety monitoring period, the toxicology test report should be submitted.

4. Can children's cosmetics use new ingredients that are still under safety monitoring?

According to Article 7 of the Provisions for the Supervision and Administration of Children's Cosmetics, the formula design of children's cosmetics should follow the principles of safety priority, efficacy necessity, and formula minimalism. Cosmetic ingredients with a long history of safe use should be selected, and new ingredients that are still in the safety monitoring period should not be used.

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