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NMPA Announcement on the Results of Unannounced Inspection of Hoyu Co., Ltd.

Cosmetic Flight Inspection

Recently, the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) organized an unannounced inspection of Hoyu and found that the company violated relevant regulations such as the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations (CSAR) and the Provisions for Supervision and Administration of Manufacturing and Marketing of Cosmetics. The company engaged in changing the production process without authorization and other behaviors, which were inconsistent with the technical requirements stated in the product registration materials. Hoyu has confirmed the existing issues. NMPA requires the Shanghai Municipal Medical Products Administration to deal with suspected illegal behaviors by the law. The Shanghai Municipal Medical Products Administration ordered the company to stop the suspected illegal behavior and rectify, and filed an investigation in accordance with the law.

Founded in 1905, Hoyu Co., Ltd. is a well-known cosmetic company with several brands such as Bigen and Cielo. As a century-old company, it entered the Chinese market at a very early stage, establishing companies in Suzhou and Shanghai successively. Currently, the brands and products entering the Chinese market are mainly hair dyeing. The cosmetics involved in this case are imported special cosmetics for hair dyeing, with a registration number of "国妆特进字J20090464". It is worth mentioning that it is also the first overseas enterprise to be notified by the NMPA due to a failed unannounced inspection.

In summary, this announcement indicates that the government will further strengthen the supervision of the cosmetics market and Chinese and foreign enterprises will be treated equally.


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