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The Working Mechanism for Communication and Exchange of New Cosmetic Ingredients (Trial) Released

New Cosmetic Ingredient Work Mechanism

On December 1, to encourage and support the research and innovation of new cosmetic ingredients, China's National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) released a notice on the working mechanism for communication and exchange of new cosmetic ingredients (trial). The registrant and filer of new cosmetic ingredients can apply for communication and exchange on important technical issues before applying for registration or filing and during the review process.


The applicant should complete user information registration on the Information Service Platform for Registration and Filing of Cosmetics, conduct sufficient research on the relevant new cosmetic ingredients before proposing communication and exchange, and fill in and submit the relevant materials required by the Annex of the original website. The evaluation center should complete the preliminary review within 5 days after receiving the application materials in principle. Those who meet the requirements will be accepted.

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