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Mon, May 13 | Event

Enterco Attended the 2024 Cosmetic Council Members' Communication Meeting

Enterco Attended the 2024 Cosmetic Council Members' Communication Meeting

May 9th-11th, Enterco attended the 2024 Cosmetics Council members' communication meeting, which gathered experts from cosmetic industry regulators and famous enterprises. During the conference, we discussed the latest cosmetic regulations, cosmetic safety assessment experience and digitalization of cosmetic compliance.


■ Date: May 9th-11th, 2024
■ Location: Hangzhou Hilton Hampton Hotel
■ Speaker: Vian Fang


One of Enterco's founders, Vian Fang, Business Director, shared Enterco's experience as a professional cosmetic compliance company in the digitalization of cosmetic compliance and safety assessment. LegalTech plays an influential role in improving the efficiency and quality of legal services through cutting-edge technology, she pointed out. Similarly, it is necessary for cosmetic compliance industry, which faces complex legal regulation, to apply technology tools that can manage product registration, compliance review etc.

EntercoMatrix®️ Compliance Management System

The intelligent functions in the EntercoMatrix®️ compliance management system, such as formula compliance review and OCR recognition review, contribute to saving costs and enhancing efficiency. Enterco is ready to cooperate with industrial partners to create a safer, smarter, and more sustainable future.

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