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Tue, Apr 12 | Webinar

Updates on New Regulations for Cosmetics

Updates on New Regulations for Cosmetics

With the announcement and implementation of a series of regulatory documents such as the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations (CSAR), Administrative Measures for Cosmetics Regulation and Notification, Measures for the Administration of Cosmetics Labels, etc., the pressure of cosmetics enterprises has continued to increase, and cosmetics compliance services are also facing new challenges.

April 12, 2022, EnterCo and EUSME will co-host a webinar with the theme of Update on New Regulations and Animal Testing Exemption for Cosmetics to jointly review the compliance situation of imported cosmetics under the recent cosmetic policies and focus on the time nodes and precautions of new cosmetic policies at 4 pm.


■ Date: April 12, 2022
■ Time: 4:00 pm (Beijing)
■ Speaker: Vian Fang
■ Speach Topic: The impact and implementation of the new cosmetics regulations in China


■ 4:00 PM-4:10 PM Welcome remarks

■ 4:10 PM-4:40 PM The impact and implementation of the new cosmetics regulations in China

■ 4:40 PM-5:00 PM How to export cruelty-free cosmetics/list of EU Member States issuing GMP certificates

■ 5:00 PM-5:20 PM Feedback from EU companies on new cosmetics

■ 5:20 PM-5:40 PM Q&A and conclusions

EnterCo’s Vian Fang, BD Director, will share a speech with the topic of The impact and implementation of the new cosmetics regulations in China, main contents are as follows:
Data analysis: records data analysis of imported general cosmetics in Q1 of 2022 and 2021
Practical process: overview the actual process of regulatory compliance requirements for cosmetics
Upcoming regulations: time nodes of the new cosmetic policies in the next two years
Notices and case study: focus on formula and labels


■ Vian Fang
Vian has been focusing on cosmetics regulations for many years. In addition to industry giants, she has served hundreds of overseas small and medium-sized cosmetic companies and helped thousands of imported products complete the registration and filing in China. Her professional analysis and unique insights have been recognized and shared by local regulatory authorities for many times, and she was invited to share practical cases for multinational cosmetics associations and chambers of commerce.

■ Alessio Petino
Worked for 6+ years on various EU-funded projects in China, mainly conducting policy and market analysis for European companies looking to enter or already in the Chinese market. Key focus areas: market access regulations and barriers, investment attraction policies, standards & compliance, focus on tech & innovation.
Since October 2020: Knowledge Coordinator of the EU SME Centre, coordinating reports, technical assistance and training activities. Coordinated the EU SME Centre’s How to Export Cosmetics to China (2022) report; 20+ inquiries received and answered from EU SMEs and business organisations on animal testing and CSAR.

■ Jacky Zhang
Jacky Zhang, who is the present chair of the European Union Chamber of Commerce cosmetics working group has over 18-year regulatory affairs plus public affairs working experience in worldwide leading companies in FMCG and consumer health industry in both China and EU. He is also the Asia regulatory affairs director of SRCM Department of L’Oréal, leading its APAC RA team to oversee the regulatory intelligence, advocacy and compliance for Asian markets.
Jacky has in-depth knowledge and expertise on China and global cosmetic regulations with clear insight on the latest regulatory dynamics and trends especially in China. And he also has been the veteran to drive industry advocacy to influence the regulatory changes and implementation in order to meet the needs of business and innovation.

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