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Cosmetics High-Quality Development Forum

To help cosmetic enterprises improve their industry competitiveness, EnterCo, together with the Hangzhou Cosmetics Industry Association and SGS, intends to organize a Cosmetic High-Quality Development Forum from April 20 to April 21. The forum will invite relevant regulatory agency officials, cosmetic industry experts, and top cosmetic enterprises to share hot topics such as cosmetic quality and safety, regulatory affairs, efficacy research, intelligent cosmetic compliance system, etc.


Date: April 20, 2023-April 21, 2023

Location: No. 1515, Jianghan Road, Binjing District, Hangzhou

Organizers: Hangzhou Cosmetics Industry Association, EnterCo, SGS

Forum nature: free public seminar

Forum scale: 300 people

Language: Chinese


Day 1: April 20, 2023, Tuesday





​Welcome and Opening Remarks

​President of Hangzhou Cosmetics Industry Association


​Cosmetic Regulation Development and Industry Status

​Division of Cosmetics Regulation of Zhejiang MPA


​Interpretation of New Regulations on Supervision and Management of Main Responsibilities for Cosmetics Quality and Safety

​Hangzhou Administration for Market Regulation Cosmetics Division


​Regulatory Requirements of Adverse Reaction Monitoring System

​Center for Drug and Cosmetic Evaluation of Zhejiang MPA


​Sorting out the Registration and Filing Process Dossiers of Cosmetics and Sharing the Intelligent Compliance System (EntercoMatrix)

BD Director of EnterCo

Vian Fang


​Product Testing Strategies in the New Regulatory Environment



​The Latest Solutions in the Field of Skin Testing such as Antioxidant and Skin Microecology



​Introduction and Case Sharing of Functional and Efficacy Evaluation Methods for Make-up Products



​Application of in vitro Efficacy Evaluation Methods in the Life Cycle of Cosmetics


Day 2: April 21, 2023, Friday





​Common Problems and Considerations for Cosmetics Registration and Filing

​Center for Drug and Cosmetic Evaluation of Zhejiang MPA


​Inspiration from the Construction and Update of Foreign Cosmetics Regulatory System



​Cosmetic Safety Assessment Requirements and Key Points

​Regulatory Director of EnterCo, Certified Toxicologist by Chinese Society of Toxicology

Lemon Zhang


​Filing Data of New Cosmetic Ingredients and Registration and Filing Difficulties

​Senior Regulatory Manager of EnterCo



​Beauty Category Trend Insights that Consumers Care About

​Vice President of Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade Association


​Skin Aging and Anti-aging Efficacy Evaluation of Cosmetics

​Former President of the Dermatology Hospital of the Air Force General Hospital


​R&D Ideas for Asian Women's Skincare Products

​President of Hangzhou Yayan Cosmetics Co., Ltd.


​Cosmetics: Introduction of Clean Beauty Standard

​Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade Association


​Development and Innovation of Children's Cosmetics



Online registration: Scan the QR code for registration (for the first 300 registrants only, on-site registration is not accepted)

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Please ensure that the information submitted is accurate and complete, and sign-in is required to verify the registration information on site.

The final interpretation of this forum belongs to the organizer.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this forum, please contact us via:

Tel: +86 177 7401 6929

Add: Room 1103, Building 2, Hanzhiyun Business Center, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, China


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