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EnterCo was Invited to Attend the Cosmetics Regulation and Policy Forum in Shanghai

On July 18, 2023, the "Cosmetics Regulation and Policy Forum" jointly organized by Ringier Trade Media Ltd. and Shanghai Daily Chemical Industry Association, sponsored by EnterCo, was grandly held in Shanghai.

Cosmetic Forum

The guests attending this forum cover multiple fields in the cosmetics industry, involving regulatory agencies, well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, industry experts, etc. Discussions and exchanges were conducted on cosmetics regulations and policies, cosmetics regulatory models, and cosmetics quality and safety.

Cosmetics Forum

Ms. Li Qiong, vice president of Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade Association, as the moderator, said at the beginning of the forum: “The prosperous development of the cosmetics industry must be based on compliance, health, and sustainability. We need to understand and follow the relevant regulations and policies to ensure consumer rights and interests while promoting the healthy development of the cosmetics industry.”

Li Qiong

Vian Fang, co-founder and business director of EnterCo, was invited to attend the Forum, and gave a speech: 2023 Cosmetic Registration and Filing Data and Intelligent Cosmetic Compliance System. From the perspective of a professional cosmetic compliance service provider, she shared the cosmetic registration and filing data in the first half of 2023. And She revealed the changes and trends in domestic/imported cosmetics in terms of production model, distribution of place of origin, category difference, commonly used cosmetic ingredients, etc.

Vian Fang

In addition, she elaborated her understanding of the concept of intelligent compliance for cosmetics, that is, using cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing to enable the cosmetic compliance process, thereby reducing the burden of labor and realizing the automation and intelligence of the cosmetic compliance process.

Cosmetic Compliance System

She also introduced the EntercoMatrix Cosmetic Intelligent Compliance System, independently developed by EnterCo, and explained the core technologies of big data, OCR recognition, big language model algorithms, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which can assist cosmetics companies in various aspects of product compliance, achieving cost reduction, labor saving, and efficiency improvement.

At last, she pointed out that: “Although cosmetic compliance is still in a period of constant change, the matter of intelligent compliance still needs to be promoted by enterprises to research and development, and we hope that the exchange in this forum can collide with some 'sparks', and we also hope that you can put forward suggestions and opinions on the basis of the existing functions of EntercoMatrix, and work together to promote the digital transformation of cosmetics compliance.”

EnterCo Team

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