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Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation Issued FAQs on General Cosmetic Filing(Cosmetic samples)

1. What are cosmetic samples?

Cosmetic samples is defined as cosmetics packed in smaller containers relative to the main product, commonly used as trial products or sales gifts, but also as sales products, featuring small capacity, easy to carry and so on. Cosmetic samples without Chinese names, names of registrants or recorders, or expiration dates are illegal products and should be prohibited.

2. What are the requirements for cosmetic samples labels?

The labels of cosmetic samples should show the true, complete and accurate information about the products. According to the regulations, in the form of free trials, gifts, redemption and others to provide consumers with cosmetics, the labeling of which applies to the method.

Net content of ≤ 15g or 15ml of cosmetics in small packages, can only be visualized in the sales package marked with the Chinese name, special cosmetic registration certificate number, the registrant or the filer's name, the net content, duration of use and so on, additional information can be labeled in the instructions.

3. What are the requirements for cosmetic samples production?

According to the supervision and management of cosmetics production and operation, enterprises producing cosmetics (including small samples) are supposed to obtain a Cosmetics Production License. The operator is not allowed to formulate their own cosmetics (including small samples) for sale, formulated, filled with cosmetic contents, which should obtain a cosmetic production license. Cosmetic samples are produced using fake products but using real packages, illegal additives and other illegal production behavior is strictly prohibited.

4. What are the requirements for cosmetic samples registration and filing?

In China, regulations require the management of special cosmetics by registration and general cosmetics for record.Special cosmetic samples are registered by the NMPA before production and imports, and general cosmetic samples should be filed with the location before sale or import.

When general cosmetics for the record and before special cosmetics on the market, registrants, filers or domestic responsible personnel should upload the product sales package label picture. Products that are packaged in a variety of ways should be submitted to all label images, if the sample is different only in net content, no need to upload, general cosmetics could be in the filing management system, "Product Labeling" module of the "net content" to fill in all the specifications. For special cosmetics, it is allowed to note the specification information when uploading the sales package.

5. What are the requirements for cosmetic samples operation?

Based on the supervision and management of cosmetic production and operation, cosmetic operators who provide cosmetics to consumers in the form of free trials, gifts, redemption, etc., are required to comply with their obligations including supplier review system, purchase inspection records, etc.

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