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Key points of Cosmetics Online Operation in China (1)

With the rapid development of the Internet economy, e-commerce platforms have become one of the main channels for the cosmetics business. To further regulate the cosmetics online operation, China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) issued the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics Online Operation (hereinafter referred to as the Measures) on April 4, which shall come into force on September 1, 2023.

EnterCo has mainly analyzed the requirements of the Measures for operators on the cosmetics e-commerce platform in this article.

Establish and implement a purchase inspection and recording system:

According to Article 20 of the Measures, operators on the cosmetics e-commerce platform should truthfully record the name of cosmetics, special cosmetics registration certificate number or general cosmetics notification number, shelf life, net content, purchased quantity, and other contents.

What's more, those who operate children's cosmetics should also check the children's cosmetics logo and verify the corresponding product information.

Fulfill the obligation of the cosmetic information disclosure:

According to Article 21 of the Measures, cosmetic operators should fulfill the obligation of cosmetic information disclosure, that is, to comprehensively, truthfully, accurately, clearly, and promptly disclose cosmetic label information and other information consistent with registration or notification documents. The disclosed cosmetic label information should include all the contents of the cosmetic label, and the product name and the product implementation standard number shall be displayed prominently in text on the product display page. Other disclosed information related to the product safety and efficacy claims shall be consistent with the label information and summary of efficacy claims basis in the registration or notification documents of the cosmetics they operate.

Actively cooperate with the cosmetic e-commerce platform operators in carrying out quality and safety management activities:

According to Article 22 of the Measures, cosmetics operators should actively cooperate with the cosmetics e-commerce platform operators to carry out daily inspections, self-inspection, and other quality and safety management activities, promptly and accurately provide relevant product information to the cosmetics e-commerce platform operators, and cooperate with the cosmetics e-commerce platform operators to take necessary measures to control risks. In addition, cosmetic operators should pay attention to the public regulatory information related to product quality and safety of the cosmetics they operate. Cosmetic operators on the platform should immediately stop operating any specific batches of cosmetics that are deemed to be non-compliant with regulations by relevant regulatory departments.

Stop operation of cosmetics with quality defects or other problems:

According to Article 23 of the Measures, cosmetic operators on the platform shall immediately stop operating cosmetics with quality defects or other problems that may endanger human health once discovered, and notify the relevant cosmetic registrants and notifiers.

Store, transport, inspect, and dispose cosmetics in accordance with the laws and regulations:

Cosmetics operators on the platform should store and transport cosmetics in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the marking requirements of cosmetics labels, regularly inspect and promptly dispose cosmetics that have deteriorated or exceeded their expiration date.

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