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NMPA FAQs on Cosmetic Production and Operation on May 10

1. Whether cosmetic operators are allowed to “split” large cosmetic packages into small ones for sale?

Based on the regulations of supervision and management of cosmetics, the smallest unit for sale of cosmetics should be labeled. And, it is necessary to obtain a cosmetic production license before cosmetic formulation and filling. Accordingly, the operators split products as cosmetic production, which is supposed to obtain a cosmetic production license. If not, illegal acts are suspected and must be banned.

2. What should be included in the product labeling samples?

According to the regulations, cosmetic labels should be marked with the name of the product, special cosmetic registration certificate number, the registrant, the filer, name and address of the commissioned manufacturer, the product implementation of the standard number, all ingredients, the net content, deadline for use, method of use and the necessary safety warnings, etc. A sample of product labeling is the basis for producing cosmetic labels. Cosmetic registrants, filers are responsible for its content and bear the main responsibility for product quality and safety in accordance with the law.

It is required that product labels include contents such as words and patterns on marketing packages describing the basic information, features and safety warnings. In addition to what is stipulated, the contents related to product safety and efficacy claims labelled by the enterprises should also appear in the label samples. And brand concepts, culture and other content that is not on product labels are not supposed to be filled in the samples.

3. How should cosmetic operators on the platform disclosure cosmetic label information?

According to the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics Network Operation, cosmetic operators are supposed to comprehensively and truthfully disclose accurate and consistent cosmetic label information, which should contain all the contents on their cosmetic labels. As cosmetic operators may operate multiple product batches, it is difficult to disclose the use duration of each product batch, so they can state in a prominent position on products that the product use duration is detailed in its sales package.


Furthermore, the labels and information disclosed by the operator about product safety and efficacy claims should be consistent in meaning with the relevant content in the registration or filing information. Likewise this is the basis for advertising.

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