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The Cosmetics High-Quality Development Forum Ended Successfully

Cosmetic Development Forum

The two-day Cosmetics High-Quality Development Forum ended successfully on April 21, with a total of more than 400 participants. Many industry experts were invited to attend and share their views on nearly a dozen topics related to the high-quality development of the cosmetics industry, which triggered lively discussions among the participants. We sincerely thank everyone who paid attention to and supported this forum, and we will see you next time!


Day 1 (April 20):

9:00-9:15 Welcome and opening remarks by Mr. Hou, Honorary President of the Hangzhou Cosmetic Industry Association, expressing his appreciation to the participants.

9:15-9:45 Director Wu of the Division of Cosmetics Regulation of Zhejiang MPA, gave a speech on Cosmetic Regulation Development and Industry Status, sharing a detailed interpretation of the newly released 18 Measures to Optimize and Improve the Business Environment of the Cosmetics Industry in Zhejiang.

9:45-10:15 Deputy Director Zhu of Hangzhou Administration for Market Regulation Cosmetics Division, gave a comprehensive and specific interpretation of the Supervision and Management of Main Responsibilities for Cosmetics Quality and Safety.

10:30-11:00 Ms. Deng, a senior reviewer of the Center for Drug and Cosmetic Evaluation of Zhejiang MPA, focused on introducing typical cases of adverse reactions in cosmetics, in order to warn cosmetics production enterprises that daily monitoring of adverse reactions should be strengthened.

Vian Fang

11:00-11:30 From the perspective of a professional cosmetics compliance service provider, Vian Fang, the business director of EnterCo, has systematically sorted out the registration and filing process of cosmetics, and shared an intelligent compliance system (EntercoMatrix).

13:30-14:15 Dr. Wei, the chief scientist of Proya, introduced the testing strategy throughout the entire product lifecycle, aiming to help enterprises promote their consumer loyalty and affection.

14:15-16:45 Efficacy evaluation expert team of SGS shared professional content related to cosmetic efficacy evaluation. Ms. Yang shared relevant efficacy testing methods with skin microecology and antioxidant as the core. Mr. He, starting from the changing needs of makeup evaluation, gave a detailed introduction to the main method of makeup product evaluation- human efficacy evaluation, combining multiple evaluation methods and cases. Finally, Mr. Chen introduced the basic ideas for conducting in vitro efficacy evaluation work and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of various laboratory methods and their application scenarios, combining with the product development process.

Day 2 (April 21)

9:00-9:45 Mr. Qiu, the reviewer of Center for Drug and Cosmetic Evaluation of Zhejiang MPA, explained in detail the common problems and precautions in the cosmetics registration and filing under the new cosmetic regulations in China.

9:45-10:15 Mr. Li, the chief regulatory expert of SGS China, introduced the current situation of cosmetic regulations in the US, EU, and Japan markets, as well as the construction and update revelation of Chinese cosmetic regulations.

Lemon Zhang

10:30-11:00 Lemon Zhang, the regulatory director of EnterCo, gave a complete and detailed introduction of hazard identification, dose-response relationship assessment, exposure assessment, and risk characterization involved in the cosmetic safety assessment, as well as a brief explanation of review points of safety assessment reports.


11:00-11:30 Ms. Shu, the senior regulatory manager of EnterCo, explained various requirements for new cosmetic ingredients filing and related issues in the filing process.

13:30-14:00 Ms. Li, the vice president of the Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade Association, analyzed the filing data of various beauty categories from 2019 to 2023.

14:00-14:45 Mr. Liu, the former president of the Dermatology Hospital of the Air Force General Hospital, with the theme of skin aging, systematically introduced various cutting-edge research in the field of anti-aging in the industry.

14:45-15:15 Dr. Ye, the president of Hangzhou Yayan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. shared specific cases of cosmetic research and development for Asian women by introducing the characteristics of Asian women's skin.

15:30-16:00 Dr. Chen, from Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade Association, introduced the current development of clean beauty in China, and the latest development of the group standard for clean beauty.

16:00-16:30 Mr. Zhang, the product manager of Babycare, introduced the development process of baby care products based on the skin characteristics of babies through practical cases.

Cosmetic Forum

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