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Analysis of Cosmetic Labeling Compliance (4)

This article mainly analyzes the cosmetic product ingredients and net content marked on the cosmetic label.

Cosmetic ingredient labeling

Cosmetic labels shall mark the standard Chinese names of raw materials of all cosmetic product ingredients on the visible surface of the sales package, with the guide words named "ingredients". All ingredients shall be arranged in descending order of content in the cosmetic formulation. The ingredients that are less than or equal to 0.1% (w/w) in the cosmetic formulation shall be labeled separately with "other trace ingredients" as the guide words, whose content may not be arranged in descending order.

Attention points of ingredient labeling

1. If the formulation is filled out and submitted in the form of a compound or mixed raw materials, the content of each ingredient in the formulation shall be used as the basis for ranking the ingredient content and judging whether it is a trace ingredient.

2. If there are the same ingredients in the raw materials of each serial number in the formula table, the content shall be added up and then arranged.

3. All marked ingredients shall not contain duplicate raw material names.

EnterCo's experience

In the process of cosmetic label review and cosmetic registration or filing, EnterCo finds that the following two points are worth paying attention to.

"Other trace ingredients" can be marked in another line (different from "ingredients") or labeled after the "ingredients". Since both two types can pass the review, enterprises can choose the labeling format according to their typesetting needs.

If the concentration of an ingredient in the cosmetic formulation is less than or equal to 0.1%, the ingredient name used in the product name will not recommended.

Net content labeling

The net content of cosmetics shall be marked with the national legal units of measurement on the display surface of the sales package.

The labeling of net content consists of three parts: "net content" (in standard Chinese), numbers, and legal measurement units (or counting units expressed in Chinese)

Note: The net content shall not be marked on the bottom of the sales package.


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