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Analysis of Cosmetic Labeling Compliance (6)

This article mainly analyzes the instructions and safety precautions marked on the cosmetic label.

Instructions marked on the cosmetic label

Instructions shall be marked on the visible surface of the sales package or in the product specifications attached to the product. Whether the instructions need guide words is not specifically stipulated. EnterCo recommends using "使用方法(instructions)" as the guide words.

EnterCo's experience

According to EnterCo's experience of the cosmetic label review, the following matters need attention in the process of marking cosmetic instructions.

1. The cosmetic instructions must cover the site of application, which shall be specific and cannot exceed the scope of cosmetics.


Words like "所需部位(needed sites)", "身体部位(body sites)", and "等部位(other body sites)" are all unclear; the site of application shall be clear, such as "面部肌肤(face skin)", "手部肌肤(hand skin)", "头发(hair)", "头皮(scalp)", "唇部(lips)", etc.;

The words like "小腹以下(below the lower abdomen)", "大腿内侧(inner thigh)", and "私处(intimate site)" are all beyond the scope of cosmetics.

2. The labeling of the application site shall comply with the Classification Rules and Classification Catalogue of Cosmetics and other regulatory documents.


Cosmetics with the function of sunscreen shall not apply to hair.

3. The instructions shall be careful to claim that cosmetics can be used with other cosmetics or instruments.

(1) Use with other cosmetics (pay attention to whether it is consistent with the instructions of registration and filing)

(2) Use with the instruments (be careful not to exceed the scope of cosmetics)

4. The product name in the instructions shall be consistent with the Chinese name on the cosmetic label.

5. The words like "紧致(firming)", and "弹力(elasticity)" shall not be used with breasts in cosmetic instructions. Such products used to be managed as special cosmetics, but they no longer belong to cosmetics under the current regulations.

Safety precautions marked on the cosmetic label

The safety precautions shall be marked on the visible surface of the sales package with guide words like "注意(attention/caution)" or "警告(warning)". In accordance with relevant regulations, there are three circumstances where safety precautions shall be marked on the cosmetic label: Restricted and permitted ingredients of cosmetics that have labeling requirements shall be marked with warnings and safety precautions; Cosmetics applicable to special groups such as children shall be marked with safety precautions; Other circumstances where instructions shall be marked with safety warnings and precautions.


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