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EnterCo Cosmetics Compliance Experts Online Live Broadcasting on April 22nd

On April 22, 2022, EnterCo will attend the CIE(Cosmetics Innovation Expo). At 3 pm, EnterCo’s senior cosmetics compliance expert, Camille Chen, will introduce the key points and common Q&A of the new label regulations through an online live broadcast.

Main contents

  • Background and key points of the new label regulations

  • The contents of cosmetic labels

  • Precautions for cosmetic label design

  • The special situations of cosmetic labeling

  • Cosmetic labels with prohibited words

In addition, Camille Chen will answer the questions about multi-layer labels, claims of packaging materials, product labels of different production stages, and other questions related to China cosmetic registration and filing at the live broadcast room.


Camille Chen: Senior Regulatory Consultant of EnterCo, she is proficient in English and French, and familiar with global cosmetic regulations. She has provided compliance consulting services for many large multinational cosmetic companies and helps more than thousands of cosmetics complete registration and filing. She has been invited to attend various cosmetic compliance forums and give speeches at home and abroad.

Contact us

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Add: Room 1103, Building 2, Hanzhiyun Business Center, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, China

TEL:+86 177 7401 6929


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