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Guangzhou Administration for Market Regulation Issued FAQs on General Cosmetic Filing on February 20

Guangzhou AMR General Cosmetic Filing

1. What filing details should cosmetic filers pay attention to when using new raw materials to produce cosmetics?

(1) New ingredients with the same standard Chinese name may have different new ingredient filers or filing numbers. Cosmetic filers should verify the filing numbers of corresponding new ingredients and pay attention to differentiation.

(2) When using new raw materials, it is necessary to refer to the "Technical Requirements for New Raw Materials" to clarify the requirements for the safe use of new raw materials, purpose of use, applicability, and scope of use of raw materials, other restrictions and requirements, warning terms, etc. Special attention should be paid to information such as compatibility taboos and limitations on the scope of use of new raw materials.

(3) The cosmetic filers can query the "Technical Requirements for New Raw Materials" through the new raw material publicity platform. If the document is not publicly available, they should request it from the new raw material filer and upload it to the general cosmetic (toothpaste) filing management system. When evaluating the safety of new raw materials, it should be clear whether they meet the limit requirements of the "Technical Requirements for New Raw Materials".

2. How should multi-color series makeup products be filed?

If the packaging container cannot be separated, such as the eyeshadow palette, it should be submitted for filing according to "one product". The formula should be filled in respectively according to the shade.

Each shade of products packaged independently, should be filed separately.

3. Which products should undergo acute eye irritation testing when not exempted from toxicology testing?

Products that are easy to reach the eyes must undergo acute eye irritation tests. Common products that are easy to reach the eyes include facial cleansers, shampoo, hair conditioners (rinse-off), eye products (excluding eyebrow makeup), shower gel, etc.

4. How should the production information of filed products be updated if the name, address, etc. of the filer, domestic responsible person, or production enterprise has changed (the production site has not changed)?

The relevant information related to changes in product filing information and product label samples should be carried out respectively one-time changes.

5. How to issue an explanation for re-filing after cancellation?

When applying for re-filing for general cosmetics after cancellation, a situation explanation should be submitted, including specific reasons for cancellation, cancellation of the time, differences between re-filed products and products prior to cancellation, etc.

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