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Seminar of Cosmetic Efficacy and New Cosmetic Policies in the Transitional Period

As practitioners in the cosmetic industry, it is the top priority for cosmetics enterprises to conduct cosmetic efficacy evaluation rationally and efficiently, and submit cosmetic materials within the policy transition period in time.

On March 8, 2022, EnterCo and SGS, as well as Hangzhou Cosmetics Industry Association, jointly organized a public benefit training with the theme of Seminar of Cosmetic Efficacy and New Cosmetic Policies in the Transitional Period, which introduced three hot topics to the members of the association: the supervision and administration cases, transition plans under the period of new cosmetic policies, cosmetic efficacy evaluation.


Camille Chen: Senior Regulatory Consultant of EnterCo, she is proficient in English and French, and familiar with global cosmetic regulations. She has provided compliance consulting services for many large multinational cosmetic companies and helps more than thousands of cosmetics complete registration and filing. And she has been invited to attend various cosmetic compliance forums and give speeches at home and abroad.

Shu: Senior regulatory specialist of EnterCo, she has rich knowledge and experience in cosmetics compliance and focuses on the research of access policies related to cosmetic compliance in China. She has assisted many top cosmetic enterprises in the world to obtain marketing approvals and provided professional consulting services and overall solutions for well-known cosmetic brands such as Mary Kay, BabyCare, Clarins, etc.

Main contents

Camille Chen, the senior regulatory consultant, shared the topic of the illegal cases of market supervision and advertisement claims at the training meeting. She introduced many types of key cases in the market and analyzed the relevant regulations. In addition, she emphasized the liability body, responsibility, and obligations of registration and filing persons, operators, manufacturers, and domestic responsible persons, so as to avoid risks.

Shu, the senior regulatory specialist, shared the topic of the transition plans and key points analysis under new cosmetic policies. According to time nodes of new regulations, she sorted out application materials related to cosmetic registration and filing such as annual reports of general cosmetics, materials supplement of previous cosmetics, abstract of cosmetic efficacy claims, safety information of ingredients, Chinese cosmetic labels, safety assessment reports, etc.

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