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Seminar on Policy Interpretation of New Cosmetic Ingredients

On September 12, Hangzhou Municipal Government issued a Notice on Several Measures to Support the High-Quality Development of Synthetic Biology Industry, for the R&D and production of new cosmetic ingredients, the following incentives will be given: A maximum subsidy of 300,000 yuan will be given for new cosmetic ingredients that have been registered or filed with the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) and successfully included in the Catalogue of Used Cosmetic Raw Materials (Edition 2021); For enterprises engaged in cosmetics R&D and production, a maximum reward of 100,000 yuan will be given for each item that obtained special cosmetic registration certificates (excluding cosmetics with efficacy of hair dye or hair perm); The maximum annual subsidy (reward) amount for a single enterprise shall not exceed 1 million yuan.

In order to help cosmetic enterprises enhance competitiveness, the Hangzhou Cosmetics Industry Association, EnterCo, and KingTest organized the Seminar on Cosmetics Industry-University-Research Development—Policy Interpretation of New Cosmetic Ingredients, which has invited relevant regulatory agencies, industry experts, and leading enterprises to share the analysis of the requirements of the registration of new cosmetic ingredients, policy analysis, analysis of the registration of the special cosmetics and other hot topics.


Time: September 25, 2023, 14:00-17:00 (Beijing)

Address: 8F, Dafeng Technology Park, No.158 Wuchang Avenue, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China

Organizers: Hangzhou Cosmetics Industry Association, EnterCo, KingTest

Seminar nature: free public seminar

Seminar scale: 150 people

Language: Chinese






​Policy Interpretation and Sharing of Industry Data Related to New Ingredients

Hangzhou Administration for Market Regulation,

Zhu Suwen


Requirements for Registration and Filing of New Cosmetic Ingredients and Case Studies

Certified Toxicologist by the Chinese Society of Toxicology,

He Langyan


Analysis of New Ingredient Efficacy Evaluation Methods

Director of KingTest Efficacy Lab,

Jinan University,

Bei Yu


​Difficulties of Special Cosmetic Registration and Requirements for Full Version Safety Assessment Reports

​Regulatory Director of EnterCo,

Certified Toxicologist by the Chinese Society of Toxicology,

Lemon Zhang


Online registration: Scan the QR code for registration (for the first 150 registrants only, on-site registration is not accepted).

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