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Beijing MPA Announcement on the Second Batch of Personalized Cosmetic Services Pilot Run

China Cosmetic Regulation

On February 9, 2023, Beijing MPA issued an announcement on the launch of the second batch of personalized cosmetic services pilot run, the key contents are as follows:

Pilot project application

The cosmetic registration and notification persons who are interested in participating in the second batch of personalized cosmetic services pilot shall submit the pilot implementation plan to Beijing MPA before 12:00 am on February 19, 2023.

The application materials shall be emailed to:

Requirements of the pilot run

Priority will be given to the cosmetic registration and notification persons who meet the following requirements to participate in the personalized cosmetic services pilot:

  • Enterprises above designated size and with a good reputation;

  • Have independent production capacity and strong research and development capacity;

  • Have a complete production quality management system;

  • Have excellent product traceability and after-sales service;

  • No non-compliance products were found in the supervision and sampling inspection in the past three years;

  • No administrative punishment was issued by the drug supervision department in the past three years.

Requirements of the pilot implementation plan

1. The pilot work shall conform with the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations (CSAR) and other relevant regulations and rules;

2. The cosmetics for the pilot implementation of personalized services shall be general cosmetics, excluding special cosmetics, children's cosmetics, and cosmetics using new ingredients;

3. The pilot work shall meet the public consumption needs and have social promotion value.

Contents of the pilot implementation plan

1. Basic information of the enterprise;

2. Pilot mode and implementation mode

3. Compliance analysis of pilot mode and implementation mode

4. Quality and safety control measures for pilot products;

5. After-sales service guarantee;

6. Value analysis of pilot mode;

7. Other contents related to the pilot.


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