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Nourishment Efficacy Evaluation Test in Innoderm Cosmetic Testing Lab

According to the Classification Rules and Classification Catalogue of Cosmetics, nourishment is defined as the category of efficacy that helps provide nourishment to the site of application. Different cosmetic efficacy testing laboratories will formulate corresponding efficacy evaluation plans based on their own equipment conditions with domestic and foreign literature as references.

This article is to introduce the Innoderm cosmetic testing lab's human efficacy evaluation program on nourishment.

Step 1:

The subjects were required to cleanse their faces well and then sit for 30 minutes in a constant temperature and humidity room. This step was designed to ensure that the subjects' skin condition remained as consistent as possible at each return visit.

Step 2:

First, use the Skin Surface Texture Analysis System VC20 to measure the smoothness of the subject's skin, with smaller values representing smoother skin.

Next, use the Skin Ultrasound Diagnostic UC22, which allows easy observation and comparison of dermal thickness and density through two types of skin imaging formed by 22 MHz ultrasound.

Then, use the Skin Glossiness Test Probe GL200 to accurately measure the glossiness of the skin through the reflected and scattered light on the skin surface, the larger the value, the better the skin glossiness.

Finally, use the Skin Elasticity Tester MPA580 to measure skin elasticity and tightness. The larger the R2 value, the better the skin elasticity, the larger the F4 value, the worse the skin tightness.

Step 3:

After the initial cosmetic efficacy testing is completed, subjects are required to continuously use samples for 28 days, visit the cosmetic testing lab on day 14 and day 28, and follow the steps of the first day to collect the skin data. By comparing and analyzing the data collected three times, we will be able to know whether a product, can be considered to have nourishing effects.

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