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Requirements of Restricting Excessive Package – Foods and Cosmetics are about to be Implemented

To address the issue of excessive packaging of foods and cosmetics, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) issued a mandatory national standard: Requirements of restricting excessive package foods and cosmetics GB 23350-2021 in September 2021, which will be officially implemented on September 1, 2023.

The standard applies to cosmetic sales packaging and does not apply to gifts or non-sale items.

What is the excessive package?

The product sales packaging features in large interspace ratio, too many package layers, and high packaging costs.

What is the interspace ratio?

The ratio of the volume of necessary space in a package occupied by the removal of contents to the total volume of the package.

Specific interspace ratio requirements are as follows:

Net content per piece (Q)

mL or g

​Interspace ratio














Note: This table is not applicable to products with only one layer of sales packaging.

How to calculate the interspace ratio?

Interspace Ratio Formula

X: interspace ratio

Vn: commodity sales package volume (mm3)

V0: contents volume (mm3)

K: necessary spatial coefficient of commodity

Package layers

The number of layers of physically separable packaging that completely encapsulate the contents. Cosmetics shall not be packaged in more than four layers.

Packaging costs

The cost of all packaging other than that which is in direct contact with the contents shall not exceed 20% of the selling price of the product.

Since products and services that do not meet mandatory standards shall not be produced, sold, imported, or provided. On September 1st, after the official implementation of the new standards, the market will simultaneously prohibit the sale of products that do not meet the Requirements of Restricting Excessive Package—Foods and Cosmetics.

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